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Mandala Health Products, located in Logan, Utah, provides a wide variety of holistic health products and monthly subscription boxes at an affordable price.

Our Health Care Products

The health care products we provide are available in monthly subscription boxes or singular product purchases. We specialize in providing holistic health products and holistic healing supplements in our monthly subscription boxes. Mandala Health Products is a reliable health care product provider with providing our customers with quality wellness products. 

At Mandala Health Products, we offer a wide variety of health care products and supplements for stress including, but not limited to, bath bombs, loose leaf tea, Vitamin B, fish oil, magnesium, and natural sleep aids. We are dedicated to offer exceptional wellness products and can provide an array of information about our holistic health products upon your request. Our friendly customer service has translated to providing a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere to assist people in becoming more fulfilled in their lives and enhance their well being. 

The monthly subscription boxes Mandala Health Products offers are designed to improve and encourage optimal functioning of the systems in the body and mind. Our subscription boxes for health and wellness can complement your daily life to ensure stability, balance, and emotional well being. Mandala Health Products is a youthful company with a professional approach to provide health care products and wellness products that make a positive impact on physical and psychological health.

We look forward to providing you with quality holistic health care products to enhance and improve your mental and physical health. For more information about our wellness products, please email us at: and we will respond in a timely manner. Our team would be pleased to assist with questions regarding orders, health care products, wellness supplements, and more.

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