Buddha Box


The Mandala Health Products Buddha Box has a collection of natural supplements, natural sleep aids, bath bombs, loose leaf tea, and stress relief candles to help reduce your stress and anxiety.

Buddha Box Subscription

$49.99 / month

Anxiety Relief Supplements

Our anxiety relief supplements are a safe and effective way to overcome stress and increase your productivity! These anxiety relief supplements are natural remedies help you sleep, improve your mood, and strengthen the relationship with you and your mind. The Buddha Box comes with anxiety relief supplements such as fish oil, magnesium, and Vitamin B complex.


Sleep Aids

At Mandala Health Products, we believe sleep is a vital part to improving your productivity, and in our Buddha Box, we provide natural sleep aids that will send you into a deep sleep to help you feel well rested and energized when waking up in the morning.


Bath Bombs

Our bath bombs contain a variety of beneficial enzymes that allows your skin to have a radiating look and soft feel. The Buddha Box comes with bath bombs that are pleasantly scented, can help the breakdown of food after a meal, and cleanses the skin to give a natural glowing look. 


Loose Leaf Tea

We offer a plethora of loose leaf teas including, but not limited to, Evening In Missoula, Red Rover, and Mountain Huckleberry . Each of our loose leaf teas serve different purposes to support your well being. The Evening In Missoula tea can help with relaxation, Mountain Huckleberry helps alertness, and Red Rover can improve your immune system and digestion.


Stress Relief Candles

Mandala Health Products stress relief candles are homemade with soothing scents that can decrease anxiety and put your mind at ease. We offer high quality lavender scented candles that will refresh your senses and send you into a world of bliss.