Mindful Box


The Mindfulness Box is a monthly subscription box designed to provide inner peace and balance within the mind by using holistic health supplements and natural loose leaf tea.

Mindful Box Subscription

$29.99 / month

Vitamin B

In each Mindfulness Box is Vitamin B12, a health supplement with a variety of benefits that can decrease anxiety and depression. Vitamin B can also improve with memory loss, slow aging, boost in positive mood, enhance focus, enhance concentration, and improve the functionality of the immune system.


Triple Magnesium Complex

Triple Magnesium Complex is a mineral that provides an array of health benefits for the mind and body. Magnesium can enhance mood, cause an increase of energy, and can improve exercise performance. Lower blood pressure can also be a result from taking a Triple Magnesium Complex supplement, as well as preventing headaches and migraines.


Omega 3

Omega 3, also known as Fish Oil, is a supplement that can improve the basic maintenance of the body and mind. Fish Oil is an effective solution to reduce the risk of a heart attack, reduce inflammation in the body, and can help with weight loss. The Omega 3 fish oil supplements provided by Mandala Health Products are a high quality health supplement resulting in a reduction of stress and anxiety.


Natural Melatonin

Melatonin has a variety of benefits to bring mental stability into daily life. Natural Melatonin is a sleeping supplement to take before going to sleep and can assist in creating a sleep routine. Though Melatonin is naturally produced in the body, taking a natural melatonin supplement can drastically help those who have sleeping difficulties. Mandala Health Products offers natural Melatonin available in 10mg.


Organic Loose Leaf Tea

The organic loose leaf tea we offer is available in a variety of flavors including Red Rover, Evening In Missoula, and Mountain Huckleberry. Each of our gourmet loose leaf tea flavors are caffeine free and are filled with various nutrients and ingredients to protect the mind and body from disease. Mandala Health Products provides two different flavors of loose tea for each Mindfulness Box.