Zen Box


The Zen Box is a subscription box by Mandala Health Products designed to focus on physical health and relieving stress on the body.

Zen Box Subscription

$29.99 / month

Natural Bath Bombs

Our natural bath bombs are unique, custom, handmade pieces from our bath bombs shops. The luxurious bath bombs we provide are made with high quality ingredients to ensure that you have a joyful experience that leaves a wonderful scent and stays with you throughout the day. Mandala Health Products offers natural bath bombs that can soothe sore muscles and encourages the body to release unhealthy toxins. We offer a wide variety of bath bomb scents that can provide you with a luxurious bathing experience.


Loose Tea

We provide a variety of loose teas that can assist in attentiveness and awareness of the body. The loose leaf tea we provide is available in one ounce bags. Types of gourmet herbal loose leaf tea include, but is not limited to, Red Rover, Evening In Missoula, and Mountain Huckleberry. Additionally, the loose tea we provide is caffeine free, which allows the amino acids and antioxidants to cause both a relaxing and calming effect on the body. The antioxidants in our fresh loose leaf tea can also help neutralize damaged cells in the body to prevent and improve disease.


Stress Relieving Candle

The stress relieving candles we offer are high quality lavender scented candles available at an unsurpassed value. Each Zen Box has one stress relieving candle with a long lasting burn rate. The lavender scented candles we offer can reduce stress due to its calming and soothing properties, which translates to anxiety reduction and a positive change in mood. Mandala Health Products offers exceptional stress relief scented candles to be used as a way to relax the mind, improve emotional stability and balance.